My situation

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My situation

Post by eccles » Tue Nov 23, 2004 8:20 pm

My wife and I attended a presentation in 1987 at Barratts Villacana Club in Spain. We were told many things by the sales rep which included the following main points:

1. "There would be no maintenance fees if we did not occupy the timeshare or it was not rented out"

2."Buying a timeshare was a long term investment and we would see an increase in the value over the long term."

3. Barratts had an active resale program if we ever wished to sell."

I will admit that we were gullible and believed what he said. He was not pushy and there was no pressure to buy, but he was very convincing.

We duly agreed to buy two weeks at a cost of £6500.

Point 1 was apparently true until 1988. In a letter from Barratts in 1997, they state "With regard to your comment about the fees being waived if a rental was not achieved, this did not form part of the rental terms and conditions which are renewed each year. This was last offered in 1988." So, they admit it was offered and then chose to change the rules.

Point 2, Macdonalds have been offering (under the instructions of the owners committee), one bedroom appartments at Villacana for a little as £250.00 per week including administration and legal fees As the two weeks we purchased were for a studio appartment , this does not seem to be a very good long term investment as was stated at the presentation. In fact, over a period of 17 years, we have made a loss of £6000 based on their figures.

Point 3 in a letter from Barratts in January 1989, they state"We would point out that the above mentioned resort (Villcana) is currently under review and at the present time we anticipate commencing a formal resale programme in the summer of this year." Not what we were told at the presentation and despite being listed for sale for many years, no buyer has been found. Hardly surprising when they are offering appartments for £250 (above).

When we said to Barratts that we purchased on the information that was given to us by the sales rep, they said they could not be held responsible for what he said as he no longer worked for the company.

We are now in the position of owing maintenance fees and have been contacted by a debt collection agency acting on behalf of Macdonalds. As we have requested on several occassions that we wanted Barratts and then later Macdonalds to sell the two weeks for us and that we were misled by the sales rep, we feel that morally we should not have to pay these fees. We would quite happily give the timeshare back to Macdonalds. As they have already had £6500 for it, surely if they get it back for nothing, anything they sell it for is extra profit.

The really sad thing is that Villacana is an excellent resort and we have enjoyed the times we spent there.

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