Getting rid

Have you tried to give your timeshare back to MacDonald?
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Getting rid

Post by ron » Wed May 25, 2011 2:22 pm


I'm currently trying to get rid of my MacDonald timeshare. It's a classic story - ill heath means we simply can't use our timeshare anymore. We actually really enjoyed it when we were younger, but I guess old age has simply started to kick in (!).

What kind of experiences have others had trying to rid of these damn things. Seems like they are impossible to sell and I'm reluctant to pay maintenance fees for something, which through no fault of my own, I'm unable to use. It's a stress I don't need in retirement quite frankly.


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Re: Getting rid

Post by padjan » Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:32 pm

Hi Ron,
Our position is exactly the same as yours. Ill health has prevented us from using our timeshare and although we have repeatedly explained this to Macdonalalds, asking them to allow us to relinquish our ownership,they show no understanding of the situation and refuse to help. As Macdonalds have been unable to resale these timeshare weeks over the last eight years it is obvious that we are left with a worthless product through no fault of our own.Why cannot Macdonalds do the honourable thing and take back these weeks as other timeshare companies have done in similar circumstances? We would be interested in your views.
Best wishes,

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Re: Getting rid

Post by BillBailey » Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:38 pm


I am new to this forum but agree with all you say and what others have said on other forums regarding selling/giving back. If you ask sales to take over the disposal of your week/s they could not be more helpful, confirm that they have agents who are selling weeks every day. What a load of tosh.
I cannot understand how Macd can employ a sales team who do not appear to be selling. If they are on Macd's books it is us who are paying their salaries, if they are self employed they must be living on the breadline. It is time Macd understood there comes a time in all owners lives where they cannot continue to pay and that they Macd should have a solution not just threats.
Also what happens to weeks in resorts covered by Spanish law where one or both of the owners passes on (dies) they are left with a week they cannot sell as they do not own it?


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Re: Getting rid

Post by eccles » Sat Jul 16, 2011 6:28 am

While we had our timeshare at Villacana which was supposed to be on the sales list we went to the resort. Guess what. On checking what was for sale, our timeshare was not included in what was available.

So although we had asked Macd to offer ours for sale at a greatly reduced price, nothing was being done. Their excuse? Our request for resale was only valid for twelve months and as we hadn't contacted them to re-list it when the twelve months was up they took it off their resale list.

Interestingly, they did manage to resell when we stopped paying our management fees :roll:


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Re: Getting rid

Post by alunlewis » Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:15 pm

From Owners at Plas Talgarth.
We are in the same position as you. Although not suffering ill health yet we have been forced to retire early. My wife's pension is what we live on as my state pension does not start until next year. My private pension to which I contributed for 25 years has turned out to be worth less than £4000 a year! We have been working under a lot of financial and mental stress this year. We have not paid the management fee and have just sent a letter to MacD setting out our postition. We have of course got the debt collector's letter which we shall ignore. In our case we are also very unhappy with the incrreasingly awkaward dog restrictions. The apparent dog friendliness of the resort was the main reason that we transferred from Dalfaber to PlasT.
By the way is the Donald Mac Donald who has created the e-petition the same person that got an OBE? I urge all of us to get onto friends and family and sign up for this. Although a long term gamble it is worth supporting.

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